The concert of vollore

From 9 to 30 july 2016, 40th season. The website
Exceptional day for the 40th season of the Vollore concert on Saturday 15th July in Vollore-Ville, with multiple concerts throughout the day.

Followed, at the chateau de vollore, the concert on  Saturday 15th July at 8:30pm by the “ARAR duo”


On Thursday 9 july 2017 at 21h30  

 Theatrical performance de “The Night of the Kimgs” by W. Shakespeare
Reservation are possible at the tourist office of Courpière, at chateau de Vollore of course and with the troupe of the  “theater of the Avant-Seine”.

Painting and sculpture Exposition: July and august 2017
Retrospective of exposure from 1990 to 2015

Fireworks in the park in september 2017  on the occasion of the patron saint festival of Saint Maurice

Visite the château : cliquez ici

“Heritage days” : exceptional opening on 17 and 18 september 2017
“conference-visits” at 4pm (normal price)